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Ladies and gentlemen,

The owner of the RAUSCHEN cattery, Elena Mouromtseva, welcomes you to her web site. Our cattery has cats of two breeds: British Shorthair and Scottish Fold cats. The cats of these two breeds are quite popular because of their extraordinary expressiveness and unique beauty; they are of kind and accommodating character, they are moderately playful and quiet, they are clever and non-aggressive, they are cleanly and finely get along with other cats, they are not imposing (will never get into your way) and do not require large room to be kept; they live in harmony with little children.

Usually owners of catteries and just average folks buying cats for themselves share an opinion that one cannot purchase a thoroughbred British Shorthair or a full-fledged Scottish Fold from the catteries handling the two breeds.

I want to refute such a conventional opinion, as all depends of bona fide and decency of a cattery’s owner. In our cattery, the two breeds grow autonomously and separately from one another, and if someone seeks to purchase an authentic thoroughbred British Shorthair, she or he will have a kitten of the exact breed. The same applies to Scottish Fold cats. All our cats, since they are four weeks old, are accustomed to toilet and claw-sharpener. Cats are kept in cleanness; they are taken care of and grow at large, i.e. without being kept in hutches. After they turn three months old, the kittens are vaccinated and are ready to move to another home. We do not sell kittens before they turn three months old. Unfortunately, many people, buying kittens before they are three months old, do not quite realise the burden they place on themselves; it is good when a taken kitten is healthy, but in most cases there is a high percentage of dying kittens, taken by customers before kittens are three months old, as the period of adaptation goes differently. All too often, the customers start blaming the cattery owner for the death of a kitten alleging that the owner had sold them an “ill” kitten. A kitten may not be “ill” or in poor health, just the kitten was too young to stand transportation and adaptation. Foreign catteries follow a very good practice not to allow to exhibit and sell kittens before they turn three months old; in following the rule cattery owners do not create problems neither for themselves nor for customers.

Our cattery’s cats are fed under our own programme, which we have developed; so far, the programme never failed. Due to correct approach to feeding our kittens grow up sound and healthy; at different international shows the referees often note, while assessing kittens, that the kittens are well-grown, well-fed and well-built. This is a happy fact, which means that our cattery moves in a right direction.

We have cats of different colours, classic and rare cats of titular and well-known lines from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, the Untied Kingdom, Russia and some other countries.

Our cattery’s cats were repeatedly marked with diplomas and awards at different international shows. It is a pleasing fact that despite being young and developing our kittens are already in demand both in nearby countries and in the European Union countries.

I wish to express gratitude for assistance and cooperation to catteries “PONAVELA CATS” (owner L. Ponomaryova), “THE PRIVATE COLLECTION’S” (owner Ye. Tolmachyova), and “WONDERFLEUR*RU” (owner A.Ye. Strokan), to O.L. Abaramova for handling organisational matters and special thanks for valuable advice based on years of experience in the field to L.K. Ovchinnikova.

Our cattery will always provide you with free consultations on care, keeping, feeding and growing cats.

We will always be happy to assist you in getting a nurseling and a friend.




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